Johnny Dysfunctional

JOHNNY Dysfunctional is a prolific songwriter, poet, singer, performer and story teller, who on stage and with his recordings is always gathering fresh support and new fans.

He performs solo or with a band.

His clever songs of life are laced with humour and social comment. Expect the unexpected.

Johnny slips into on-stage disguises and parodies Trump and Putin and has appeared too as Elvis and Karen Carpenter representing them with spectacular wide-ranging vocals stretching from baritone to soaring falsetto.

The audience cameras are out and clicking when Johnny appears as President Trump and sing’s the president’s own song: ‘Why Does Everyone Hate Me?’. He also performs as Russia’s Putin. ‘I’m A Man’s Man’.

Johnny bemoans his own life experiences in song. He may be seriously unlucky. He tells how he dated a series of dangerous women in his song ‘Serial Killers.’  Other songs in a vast repertoire include the telling of his career in films ‘The World’s Greatest Extra’. Of his life as a bouncer ‘I Am Your Doorman.’, Of his visits to a lady of the night ‘Miss Whiplash.’

He is convinced ‘Artificial Intelligence Is Out To Get Us’ — tells us how it is these days to live life as an ‘An Englishman’. Also, how he lives with his ‘Inferiority Complex.

Johnny Dysfunctional wearing a white suit and holding a guitar case

Johnny's latest creation: FOOTBALL SUPERMAN

Now for his latest project, listen to Johnny’s take on professional footballers!

Johnny sings on behalf of this misunderstood species. Watch his video and song here. ‘Football Superman.’

You will understand better the agonies of being a footballer once you have heard Johnny’s lyrics.

Some argue footballers are overpaid. Listen to the song and see what they must endure for £50,000 a week!

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