KIRK Douglas is dead and now it can be revealed … Kirk was a Johnny Dysfunctional fan. They met on the film set of ‘Spartacus’ when Johnny was a film extra in a crowd scene. Kirk a Hollywood ‘great.’ told Johnny later. “Johnny your appearance wearing a loin cloth was the making of that movie.”

Johnny tells of all the film stars and legends he worked with in his song

‘The World’s Greatest Extra.’ Listen and watch it here.

Johnny lost count of the number of Transatlantic calls Kirk made to him offering helpful career advice. Kirk always ended his calls by saying: “Johnny, live long and prosper”. Well, Kirk did. He was 103. He’d died so many times on the big screen that he confided in Johnny: “Real death will be as easy as falling off a log after what I’ve been through.” As the oldest ever living actor in Hollywood, the town’s bookmakers suspended betting on when Kirk would be summoned to meet his maker. Just lately he told Johnny he was considering a new film offer. It was as Methelusah. That biblical character was the oldest known living man and made it to 900 years old. Kirk, you weren’t far off that! Anyway, check-out Johnny’s ‘World’s Greatest Extra.’