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Don’t stop the sexy surgery Jane Fonda

Don’t give up Jane Fonda. At 82 she says she’s had enough cosmetic surgery.

No you haven’t Ms Fonda, actress and Oscar winner. All you need right now is a role model. We recommend Ella Rockafella. Ella from the USA sings with Johnny Dysfunctional.

Ella argues: “Jane should not let herself go. I, myself am 95% plastic and can still move my lips occasionally when I sing.”

Johnny Dysfunctional wrote Ella’s new single release ‘Sexy Surgery’ and he says: “Ella is reputedly older than Jane Fonda so is entitled to speak out. She feels Jane is letting down the side by abandoning plastic surgery.”

Ella said: “Jane should listen to ‘Sexy Surgery’ and watch me in my video. She should then book her next surgery appointment. It ain’t over till it’s over, gal. Drooping for me just ain’t an option.”