THAT universal thinker Stephen Hawking said it. Artificial intelligence will one day control man.

Alan Turing inventor of the computer predicted a similar outcome.

Now Johnny Dysfunctional has echoed their doomsday prophecies in his song. ‘Artificial Intelligence Is Out To Get Us.’

In an age of wholesale technological takeover of mankind, Johnny found it increasingly difficult to form a relationship with anyone other than Alexa, the only woman left communicating with him.

Abandoning dating as a dead-loss, Johnny sent for a Virtual Reality Girl. It arrived wrapped in brown paper. It was delivered by an Amazon white van man.

At first, Johnny was excited and pleased with his VR, called Veronica. She did what it said on her label.

However, one day she announced she was ‘bored.’ She ‘developed her agenda’ to run his home, his affairs and to take over his life.

Johnny complained to the manufacturer who told him: “No. This is impossible. You are imagining this.”

If you are now a slave to technology, Johnny has formed a self-help group which you can join at