PREDICTIONS. Now the world is in lockdown what will 2021 bring should ‘normality’ return. Out of the dust comes Johnny Dysfunctional’s crystal ball used to tell fortunes on Blackpool pier for former clients. Yes, everyone there is a future after Covid-19 ….

2021 Births boom. Corona Babies – numbers of new born C-Babies worldwide dwarfs the WW2 Baby Boomers.

2021 Record divorces. Splits blamed on ‘close quarters’ isolation.

2021 Thousands still in lockdown. Won’t come out. Prefer ordering food deliveries and isolating as a lifestyle.

2021 Home worker boom. Big business close offices worldwide. Home workers made to wear tags.

2021 Top films ‘Virus 1’ ‘Virus 2’ ‘Virus 3’ ‘Return of the Virus’ ‘James Bond Beats the Virus.’etc

2021 Money abolished. It’s too dirty to handle, Spreads germs. Everyone must bank on the internet.

2021 International Fashion Week. Surgical gloves and multi-coloured masks dominate the catwalks.

2021 World is saved. Climate improves. Fewer air flights and car journeys. Horses and carts make a comeback.

2021 Greta Thunberg becomes the first woman pope.

2021 Top International Idea for Boosting New Economies. Watching Steptoe and Son.

2021 Obesity levels rise. Supermarket ‘hoarders’ trying to eat the evidence that their homes became food storage warehouses is blamed.

And still for now in October, 2020 the best thing you can do for protection without a vaccine is to Wash Your Hands -singalong with Johnny Dysfunctional with Rik Conway.