Shakespeare Returns to Rap

WHAT would Shakespeare say were he alive today? Wait no longer to find out. The Bard is back and is none too pleased with how his work is perceived in the 21st century. He is particularly angry that he is now embraced by the establishment and his works taught in schools and colleges in the US and the UK.

In the song  ‘Shakespeare’s Rap’ by Johnny Dysfunctional, William says if he were alive today he would be a rock, rap or pop music protest star and not a tool of the establishment.

Is Shakespeare overrated?

Shakespeare’s plays are more than 400 years old, yet they’re still required reading in UK and American schools and universities. Most literary scholars agree Shakespeare is the greatest writer in the history of the English language. But Shakespearean language is antiquated, tough to read, and many students dread slogging through it. Some of the plays are just bad. Brilliant authors like Leo Tolstoy and George Bernard Shaw actually loathed the Bard’s work. Is Shakespeare overrated?

Well, the Bard is back to give you his own opinion on Johnny Dysfunctional’s ‘Shakespeare’s Rap’


Here’s Johnny’s ‘Shakespeare Rap.’