Lamborghini heavenly intervention

ANY Johnny Dysfunctional follower will know that if a Lamborghini is involved in a road accident with another car – it almost invariably involves the Maker….

And we’re not referring here to the maker’s of the reputed ‘Best Car in the World’ the ace Lamborghini priced at up to £271,146 – but of that Maker, he or she being the celestial One above in the heavens.

In Walsall, West Midlands UK this week a Rolls Royce was found to be absent of a driver after a collision between that car and a Lamborghini.

Had the driver of the other vehicle fled the scene or was he – as occurred to Johnny – spirited upwards immediately after the collision?  A case of ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’”!

All may become clearer as to the whereabouts of that missing Walsall driver had those searching for him listened to Johnny’s song ‘Lamborghini’ – available to listen to here.

Johnny’s song tells how after his collision with an oncoming Lamborghini in Ontario he was spirited into the heavens to meet his Maker.

And the Maker sent Johnny back from the heavens to earth to do good works –selling tickets to heaven. ‘Hell has more clientele,” he is informed.

These days Johnny still sells those tickets to heaven as well as keeping an eye out on the road for a further oncoming Lamborghini ‘ ‘The good lord calling for him for the last time.’

Johnny’s story of his Lamborghini’ episode could well solve the police search in the West Midlands.