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A QUARTER of people polled across 11 countries are open to finding love with a robot, it has been reported.

Researchers from the University of Twente, in the Netherlands, surveyed 11,000 people.

It’s a shame they didn’t consult Johnny Dysfunctional about his attempts to form a relationship with a virtual reality girl.

Johnny warns us that it is a ‘reckless pursuit’ doomed to disaster in his song ‘Artificial Intelligence Is Out To Get Us.’

In the university survey 16 per cent of men approved of robot love compared with 9 per cent of women.

A university spokesman said those that had disapproved of forming a relationship with a robot said that the downside was that they were incapable of true affection and intimacy.

He said those who approved had probably done so because they did not like the complexity of human emotions.

In his song, Johnny tells of living initially successfully with his virtual reality girl, but then he felt ‘she’ was trying a ‘power grab’ and was taking over his life.

“Her name was Veronica and she was supposed to fulfil all my needs, but it didn’t work out at all like that,” the singer and writer claimed