Merry Xmas in July everyone …

Do be careful what you think or create and the more bizarre your idea is, the more careful you should be about setting it free – because once that idea departs the caverns of your mind it might just root itself in reality and then even come back to bite you.

Johnny Dysfunctional’s last penned festival fringe show was ‘Xmas in July.’

The prospect of Christmas in July seemed ludicrous enough at the time to make a comedy theatre show out of it.

In reality now some people, if not most of you, might look into the future and see July 2021 as a possible end-time to the Covid nightmare.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that some of us have indeed postponed Xmas to July.

When Xmas in July was written it was as far removed from the truth as selecting a knackered old milk delivery nag and expecting it to win the Grand National. Before Johnny stages a show he tells some people the premis of his idea for a production and if they laugh at it for being preposterous, he says its worth a punt. The show provided much fun and laughter for its audiences over three nights.

As Johnny says: “Sometimes it will be you who gets the last laugh and he who laughs last laughs the longest according to folklore.

Merry Xmas everybody. However, probably in July, of course.

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