THERE are estimated to be a quarter of a million or more Elvis impersonators around the globe.

The real Elvis played his last gig in Indiana, USA, in 1977. He shuffled off his mortal coil after a heart attack in the same year.

So what is the attraction of impersonating Elvis?

Elvis fans will say their hero was a great singer with great songs and that his why his legend lives on.

Impersonators may do it because they are fans of Elvis or because they are fans of the songs he sang.

But some will impersonate because it’s a relatively easy and cheap outfit to put together.

A white jump suit from the fancy dress shop, a pair of oversize dark glasses and a jet black wig with sideburns and an impersonator is living the Elvis dream.

Johnny Dysfunctional qualifies as one of the more energetic Elvis’s. He recorded this video of ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ with a band in Macclesfield. Previously he had also played a cameo Elvis in his self-penned show ‘Come Back to Blackpool Karen Carpenter.’ for Buxton Festival Fringe.

To promote that show Johnny sang on a hot day to a shirt sleeved, ice cream licking crowd as Elvis on Buxton bandstand.