Recession sing-a-long song for us all …

When the cost of living is killing you and they say the recession hasn’t yet hit us yet who are they kidding? Are things really going to get even worse come winter, as predicted?

How can the needy and those on the breadline cope with the current inflated increases in the price of food and energy?

At times like this you have to laugh or you’d cry.

So the time has arrived for you to forget about your worries for just four minutes (if you can) and to join in the chorus of ‘The Singalong Recession Song.’

It’s alternative title is ‘Doom Doom, Gloom Gloom.’

Take your pick!

‘There’s no fuel in the garages, no food in the store, people say that there’s no crisis, but we might as well be at war.’

‘Rich are going to get richer, poor are going to go to the wall, it’s doom doom gloom gloom, it’s the Singalong Recession Song.’

Then comes a prayer …

‘Superman come to our rescue, Wonder Woman give him a hand, it’s doom doom gloom gloom.’

We’ll all soon be searching the sky for those comic heroes to give us a hand. Who else will?