Facing Surgery – Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat

THE new book by Alan Charnley

ARE you afraid of going to the doctor? Do you put off important medical appointments because of fear?
Writer and musician Alan Charnley was and did because of his bad childhood medical experiences, Then he was diagnosed with cancer and prepared for major surgery with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After the eight hour operation which required a blood transfusion and a spell in intensive care he came away realising that he wasn’t the coward he thought he was.
He also realised that had he presented earlier when cancer symptoms first showed major surgery might not have been the necessary outcome.
In his book Facing Surgery- Don’t be a Scaredy Cat’ he urges those fearing medical treatment to not delay getting help and gives tips on how to deal with the anxiety of a medical diagnosis. He says: “People when facing treatment may well discover reserves of fortitude they thought they never possessed.”
Alan also performs as rock singer poet Johnny Dysfunctional.
His book is available in paperback and on Kindle


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