AI is out to get us

CREATIVES used to think and say: “I can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence.”
Now it’s happening.

As my song explains ‘Artificial Intelligence is Out to Get Us.’

In the field of journalism, AI is being enthusiastically championed by bosses, Newspapers ruled by accountants and advertising departments have resented the presence of journalists for many a long year. Now they can get rid.
Tailor made stories can be produced by AI not missing a single fact. Only the names in the copy will be changed. Prescriptive journalism is with us. Unfortunately those programming what readers see, learn and follow may have their own selfish, even oppressive agenda. Some may say rich newspaper owners needed replacing anyway to introduce more balanced and fair reporting and comment. But we’ll be taking the human element out of what is fair and balanced. AI will introduce control by the few of the many.
And musicians are next to be replaced. The future may well be living in a world of nostalgia when there was such a thing as real pop stars – these now recreated to live once more digitally, as is already happening with Elvis and now ABBA too have already been immortalised though at the time of writing this are still alive. Their show in London Voyager says: “This show blurs the lines between the physical and digital, see the magic of ABBA brought to life using the latest in motion capture technology.
The latest non-human song created by AI but based on the talents of Weeknd and Drake soared into the charts. Probably curiousity fuelled the interest and it was hurriedly taken down when the source of the song was revealed.
It is though another nail in the coffin of freedom of choice. Of those in authority clamping down on what we see or hear or learn. Soon we will have to take what we are given by those in control. Individual talents will no longer be nurtured because it will have been decided they are not needed. As the time come when we have all we need? Will we endure in future a world of repeats?
Artificial Intelligence may as Hawking feared become the oracle or god by which we then live.
The song ‘Artificial Intelligence is Out to Get Us.’ is all mine. Unless I’ve already been chipped and don’t know about it. Well, maybe!

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