Long Hot Steamy Summer of Love

This is my summer release forever. Every year in the future. I do love it – I wrote the lyric and topline line melody and Rik Conway produced the instrumentation. This week Spotify announced that on my site with them, unpaid for I may add, I had 1,574 listeners to this track during June which was an increase of 78,000% on the listeners I normally have.

I would like to thank all of those fans from out of nowhere who suddenly went apeshit for ‘Long Hot Summer of Love.’ You will probably be gone next month, but you are not alone in liking it.

Long Hot Steamy Summer of Love has already topped a prestigious chart in a United States Indie Chart. I’m told you may need a million streams of your song before you earn £4.80. There is a long way to go…..

The music business confounds even itself these days so how are we humble musicians supposed to know what is going on?

All I know is music when it touches your soul is great. Love to all. Now listen