Workplace Hell

Are you or have you experienced workplace hate?

Does your workplace seem more like a prison – Johnny felt like a workplace prisoner when he wrote ‘WORK 4-LETTER WORD.’ He wasn’t too keen on either the company or the uniform either.
You should listen to this song if any of the following apply or used to apply to you.
Do you have a job you hate?
Are colleagues toxic – or think you are?
Are you micromanaged – no room to express your ideas.
Does your company have cameras, mics and speakers installed all over the place even in the kitchen.
Is your workday monitored by the company on the computer you are using?
Do they fail to appreciate or trust you?
Does your workplace seem like a prison
Work then is a four letter word.

WORK – FOUR LETTER WORD Johnny Dysfunctional & KC by Johnny Dysfunctional (

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