Dear Alan ,
Tech rehearsals for Underground 2024
We offer all acts at Underground a short time in the space before the first performance to check/practice any tech elements. This is often the morning of your first performance but may also be the morning the day before.
We have shows in the space from 1:00pm so all tech rehearsals are before 12:30pm. The minimum length of the tech rehearsal is given in your Letter of Agreement.
However, we know some acts won’t need a tech rehearsal and won’t be around in the morning. This is fine and there is always 30 minutes between shows, so there is time to do a quick tech right before your first performance if necessary.
We’re about to make the tech rehearsal schedule. To help with that, could you please let us know by reply here:
If you don’t need a tech rehearsal and would prefer to just check things immediately before your first performance.
If you have any particular requirements for when your tech rehearsal is scheduled (we will do our best to honour these – but with so many shows in a limited time we can’t promise).
(If neither apply there’s nothing to do now)
Remember, our team can show you how to operate your own show in the tech rehearsal. Or you can hire an operator for the show from us – the cost for this is £17.50 per performance (or £7.50 for just simple lights up and down). We’ll collect this and full tech information from you later.
Many thanks,Tom, Alice, Yaz & Dylan