JOHNNY reached No2 in the Greece charts with his co-written song ‘Big Romance’ and it involved him undergoing a sex-swap.

He glammed-up to become Angel Deelite and unbelievably was only kept off the top of the charts by US megastar Shakira.

Mind you, Johnny had no complaints because Angel Deelite was way ahead in those Greece chart of Coldplay, Oasis, Black Eyed Peas and Kanye West and Jay Z.

Johnny said: “I suppose Shakira deserved the number one spot because she looked authentically sensational …but thanks to my make-up lady and her dress savvy I reckon I ran her pretty close. We made it to No2 in the Greece charts,” he said.

Johnny added: “When the label released the song everybody who heard my voice on Big Romance thought it was a female singing it – so I did a quick switch,” he said.

Here a clip of Big Romance